The Three Towers Hike


Teams must comprise of 3 or 4 persons, each of whom must fall within the appropriate criteria for the section. This is a core-value of the hike and has been in place since the beginning of the event.

The team that starts (whether as a team of 3 or 4) must finish in the same composition to be eligible for a team placing. All finishing hikers regardless of team composition will be eligible to receive a badge and certificate (presented on the Sunday morning).

Each person in a team must either be a member of the Scout Association or be able to demonstrate that they have their own personal accident insurance. Most recognised youth training organisations will automatically provide their members with this. An accident indemnity form must be completed by non-Scout / non-Guide entrants.

Age ranges

Each event has minimum / maximum age limits. More

Check-in and Disqualification

Check-in commences ahead of the allocated hike start time; each team will be advised of their check in time in advance. Teams must be be ready for check-in at their allocated time. During check-in, each team should present to the kit-checker all the items of equipment on the required list. If the team is missing any items at check-in then it may, at the marshal's discretion, proceed once the items have been obtained. Teams that are unable to obtain the missing mandatory items of equipment within a reasonable time will be disqualified. No refunds are made to teams that are disqualified.

Remember, The standard of all clothing and equipment will be checked at scrutinizing before the Hike and will be subject to spot checks during the Hike.

Supporters must not walk with the Teams or act as pacemakers. This is for safety reasons and will result in Teams being disqualified if this rule is breached.

Competitors must register at the checkpoints together as a Team and must visit each checkpoint in the order specified in the instructions.

Hikers may only cross the Thames by recognised footways on road bridges. Persons swimming, canoeing or otherwise crossing the river other than by roadbridge will be disqualified. Hikers may only cross dual-carriageways by overbridge or underpass.

Conduct judged by the hike organisers to be detrimental to the good name of the Three Towers Hike can lead to disqualification from the Hike whether this conduct occurs prior to the Hike or during it.

The organisers reserve the right, if in their opinion, the weather dictates to form groups of a minimum of five between Warren Farm and Banterwick Farm (time will be credited where appropriate). In severe weather, the route may be altered such that an event of at least 75% of the distance will be available.

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