The Three Towers Hike


There are lots of digital mapping tools available on the internet; Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Ordnance Survey Maps to name a few. All teams' have a requirement for maps that are O/S-based maps at scales 1:25000 or 1:50000. In recent years we have permitted teams to use laminated copies or extracts, however, the quality and standard of these has deteriated over the years such that scales have changed (printer configurations), colours are not quite the original (due to toner and ink variances), and the word laminate has been redefined (some people believe this is the same as an A4 document wallet).

Mapping Requirements

The mapping requirements have changed for 2013. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in disqualification at check-in.

All teams must carry two (2) sets of maps.

Set One

The primary requirement for every team is that they MUST carry one set of maps which are less than 15 years old (based on the © date stamp on the map, the map should be dated 2003 or later).

This set must be either a full set of Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:50000) or Ordnance Survey Explorer (1:25000) maps covering the relevant area of the hike. See the list below to see which maps are needed for each event.

Set Two

Additionally, every team MUST carry a second set of maps, however, less stringent is the need for new maps in this case. The hike will permit older maps to be used (over 15 years) and also colour laminated digital copies.

For the sake of clarity, digital sources means mapping software capable of producing a print resolution of 600dpi and using 16-bit colour system as a minimum. Pixelation which is likely to result in features not being interpretted correctly are not acceptable. It is permitted to annotate digital prints.

Laminated means that it is sealed completely within a waterproof plastic laminate layer. Laser prints on to a good quality card are acceptable provided they are water resistant. Laminated prints can be comprised of a series of A4-sized maps which provide each section of the route. What is not acceptable is photocopies of maps simply placed into a plastic document wallet.

Primary Mapping Sets

MAP SETS - at least one of the following sets (less than 15 years old) JUBILEEPLUS SCOUT SCOUTPLUS EXPLORER CLASSIC
Either set 1:
1:50000 Landranger sheet 174 Newbury & Wantage
1:50000 Landranger sheet 175 Reading & Windsor  
Or set 2:
1:25000 Explorer sheet 170 Abingdon, Wantage & Vale of White Horse
1:25000 Explorer sheet 158 Newbury & Hungerford  
1:25000 Explorer sheet 159 Reading  

Landranger Series (1:50000)

1:50000 174 175

Explorer Series (1:25000)

1:25000 170 158 159
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