The Three Towers Hike


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The ethos and character of the whole event is to encourage self-sufficiency and independence. For younger hikers this is an important learning step on life's journey to adultdom. It's through such events as the Three Towers Hike that young people begin to understand the importance of being prepared, and through practice they will be able to undertake bigger journeys as they get older.


The hike rules state that supporters cannot walk with teams or act as pacemakers. This rule is extended and clarified in 2013 such that teams receiving support other from official hike staff (checkpoint marshals or hike first aiders) will be disqualified. On the first occasion the team and the adult will be given a YELLOW card to warn of their offence. Should hike staff be aware of this, they will report it to base control. On a second occurance, the team will be compulsorally retired and will not be eligible to any awards.

Coaching and support includes one or more leaders or parents from the team's group meeting teams at checkpoints, providing them with provisions (e.g. food or water), directing them on to a particular track or path, or otherwise interfering with the team.

Please do not jeopardise your team by visiting them during the event.

Should the need arise, the hike organisers have access to approved off-road vehicles and paramdedics. Teams that withdraw midway between checkpoints will be recovered by hike authorised staff and leaders should under no circumstance initiate their own search and rescue. In the event of an emergency, you may be asked to assist.

Although teams will not be penalised for making or receiving phone calls to leaders or parents, such practice is strongly discouraged.


The place for supporters is at the beginning and end of the event. We welcome parents to meet teams at Compton Scout HQ (for Scout and JubileePlus) and to 79th Reading (for Classic and Explorer). In all cases, do not block access to the marshal for teams. The marshal will advise where you can wait.

Leaders who would like to involved with the hike are invited to get in touch. We have plenty of exciting jobs available!


Teams are required to arrive at check-in with all the equipment identified on the team kit and personal items list. The hike organisers cannot provide kit for teams.

Teams that arrive without critical items will be disqualified at check-in. For example, having incorrect maps.

Teams that arrive without less critical items may have a time penalty imposed depending on the conditions of the day. For example, not bringing waterproof overtrousers on a day forecasted to be dry all day.

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