The Three Towers Hike


18-20km open event - no age restrictions (under 16's permitted if walking with parent)

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The route is not more than 20km in length - or about 13 miles depending on how you walk. The route starts and finishes at Compton Scout HQ. You can even leave your car at the start, as the route is a circular affair.

On departing Compton hikers head east and up towards the Ridgeway, visiting Fairmile. From there, the route heads to Blewbury and then it's across the downs to East Ilsley, and south from there, back to Compton.

Hot snacks await hikers and first aiders will attend any blisters. Hikers can then relax and spend the night in luxury before the presentations on Sunday morning.

Are you aged at least 16 but never considered competitive walking? Would you like to find out what others are talking about and take part in a less-strenuous version of the event?

In 2012 we created a one-off Jubilee event, in honour of Her Majesty's The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This was extremely popular and we were asked to carry on in 2013 with something a little more challenging, but not too far; hence the JubileePlus was born.

This event is open to anyone (there's no age limit). If you're under 16 you will need to walk with a parent or guardian.

You don't even have to be a member of the Scout Association - we just ask you to confirm you have your own personal accident insurance. If you are a member of a recognised group then you will have insurance.

Entry Fees: £ per person. Fees include snack at the finish, first aid services, retirement transport, certificate, and for finishing hikers a badge too.

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