The Three Towers Hike


Unfortunately we don't have any formal records of any of the hike results prior to 2003. Many of the historical records were destroyed in the fire which burnt down 72nd Reading's headquarters; other results have just been lost over the years, like a dusty museum piece that has fallen upon the wayside, to be swept up in the spring clean that befolds time. The results listed herein are featured as a result of diligent research by members of the hiking community, usually and oftentimes, holders of a valued certificate proving their performance in a hike of times gone by. If you can help us and would like to add anything legitimate to this official record, please get in touch.

Thanks to Graham Whitehouse of West Lothian for providing the following results...

1993 - Team 'Wow, the A329 looks busy tonight' completed in 16 hrs and 56 minutes. (team members - Susan Robinson.....)

1993 - Team 'We started last so that we could overtake everyone else (79th Leaders)' 16hours and 51minutes. Members Graham Whitehouse, Nick Cooney....)

1998 - Team 'Yes it does, doesn't it'. 14hours 10minutes. Members Susan Whitehouse(nee Robinson), Rachel Higley, Karen Robinson.

tally 1984 (C)Eric Sands

Thanks to Eric Sands for providing the following story from the early 1980's. Eric has also provided a picture of the checkpoint tally card and certificate (which shows the route and checkpoint names too!)

We entered a team from the 2nd Selsdon & Addington VSU in South Croydon and I 'fondly' remember driving up after school and kipping on the gym floor at a school.

In 1982 our team consisted of myself, Gary Staples and Andy Ryde. Andy pulled out somewhere after Streatly so Gary and I joined up with another team and finished in the early hours.

Gary and I completed the walk again in 1983, considerably quicker though sadly, I can't remember who our 3rd team member was.

In 1984, we were joined by Gary's brother Maurice where we exceeded all expectations with a time under 11 hours. I do remember having a huge blister drained by a first aider at the end of the walk! I also remember being old enough and finishing early enough to pop out for a pint after that one!!!!!

certificate 1984 (C)Eric Sands
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