The Three Towers Hike


Nothing beats good training. Experienced hill-walkers know that success begins with knowing your route, your equipment and making sure you're safe.

For young people, the experience starts with their leaders teaching and instructing on the use of safety equipment, basic first-aid, map reading and navigation, packing a rucksack and suitable hike clothing. This will be followed by short controlled hikes, again under direct leader supervision at first. As the hikers get nearer the event they should be capable of being self-supporting and able to walk without their leader.

Practice weekends

The two practice weekends are just our suggestions. It is not mandatory to participate in these; you can create your own training schedule. It is our recommendation that all hikers try to practice about half of their route, to familiarise themselves with the type of terrain, local conditions and navigation expected. The suggested weekends are also opportunities to bump into other hikers undertaking their training.

The Hike organisers won't be providing any ground support on these days (although they may be out with a camera). You should ensure you provide your own ground support for practice events, that is, food/drink, transportation etc.

We suggest two Sundays in March 2015, these are 8th and 22nd.

Date Sunday, 8 March 2015 Sunday, 22 March 2015
Scout Section Walk from Pangbourne, via Whitchurch Toll Bridge to Goring, navigate up Streatley Hill, passing Youth Hostel, to Stitchen's Green, up hill and across Golf Course to join Ridgeway, finishing at Warren Farm. (about 14km) Walk from Warren Farm and along The Ridgeway, navigate to Fairmile and then towards Churn railway bridge, on to East Ilsley, south toward Cheserige and finishing at Compton (about 20km).
Explorer Section Walk from Compton to East Hendred, on to Catmore and East Ilsley, Banterwick Farm, pass through Beech Wood Checkpoint and finishing at the church in Ashampstead village. (about 28km) Starting at Hampstead Norreys, pick up route through Beech Wood and on through Ashampstead Woods. Pick up road through to Pangbourne and on to Sulham. Up through Sulham woods and finish at top near Little Heath Road. (about 18km)
Classic Section Walking from Goring railway station to East Ilsley. (32km) Walking from East Ilsley to Little Heath Road Tilehurst. (26km)
Jubilee Section - -

Whatever training you do do, please take photographs and send them to us. We'll put the best ones on the website. Good luck to all hikers.

Download (from our Dropbox site) the 2014 supporting document for scout troops
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