The Three
Towers Hike

Long Distance Walking Event

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3Towers 2018

The 2018 Three Towers Hike will take place over the weekend of Saturday 7th April 2018.

The Three Towers Hike is a Scouting-organised, downland hiking competition held annually in early Spring covering footpaths in West Berkshire and South Oxfordshire.

The 70km Classic hike is targeted at serious long distance walkers aged over 15 and a half. A 45km Explorer Scout Hike and a 25km Scout Hike are also run alongside the classic.

This year, any groups wishing to participate in three towers as a fundraiser for either the Jamboree or Project Africa will be offered free entry

Some of our kit requirements have changed this year. Take a look and ensure you are up to date

Tim's Junket
Tim Jenkins passed away a few years ago; he was a loyal supporter of the hike running the Blewbury checkpoint over a period of decades. Our newest event, an enjoyable but brief challenge for the not-so-active adult team, is named after Tim.
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